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“There is something here for everyone who has ever loved someone else or plans to. I highly recommend “Tea Leaves” just because it is so real and so beautifully written.”–Reviews by Amos Lassen

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Philadelpia Poets 20012

Speaking to the Dead

by Al Tacconelli

"Are the dead there if we do not speak to them?" --Sharon Olds, taken from her "Birthday Poem for My Grandmother"

Are the dead there if we do not
speak to them? Everywhere
invisible they hover.
Shadow voices whisper...
wait, don't move, go forward
--is how they speak.
When to our beloved dead
we speak, they listen,
rejoice at our remembering.
Their smiles avert disasters.
We need to speak to them,
always they speak to us.

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Al Tacconelli

Poet and artist, Al Tacconelli has read at Robin’s Bookstore, The Free Library Of Philadelphia, and Hofstra University. Al’s poems have appeared in The Endicott Review, and Mad Poets Review. His chapbooks are; Two Countries, One Heart, and The Laurenzi Poems. Included in the permanent collection of contemporary art at Passaic County Community College are several of Al’s paintings and prints.












































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































by Maria Fama

As I open my laptop
I catch my reflection on the blank screen
my grandmother, Domenica, stares back at me
with that wary, tilt of the chin

here I am at six in the morning
on the sofa in a nightshirt
with the same expression
Grandmom wore when she posed for
formal photographs or debated politics

There for a moment
I see that burning intensity
around the eyes
that Grandmom had when she labored
over her sewing machine
turning out dresses and pants
I wonder if this is how I look
bending over a keyboard
to turn out poems

In the screen's reflection
hints of my grandmother's wedding portrait

my high school graduation picture
that expression of wonder
at the telling of tender or tragic tales

those looks borne in our genes
all through the fields, factories

kitchens, classrooms
bedrooms and parlors

all flash in the quick minute
before I press the computer's power button
and brightness overtakes me.


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 Maria Famà is the author of six books of poetry.  Her work appears in numerous publications and has been anthologized.  In 1998, she was named a finalist  in the Allen Ginsberg Poetry Awards.  Famà has read her poetry in many cities across the United States, read one of her stories on National Public Radio, co-founded a video production company, and recorded her poetry for CD compilations of music and poetry. Maria Famà did her undergraduate and graduate work in History at Temple University.  Famà’s poems were awarded the 2002 and 2005 Aniello Lauri Award in Creative Writing.  She appears in the film documentaries “Prisoners Among Us” and “Pipes of Peace” reading her poems.  In 2006 she was awarded the Amy Tritsch Needle Award for Poetry.  Her upcoming book of poems, Mystics in the Family, will be published by Bordighera Press.  Maria Famà teaches English at DeVry University and lives in Philadelphia. 













































































































































































































































































































































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