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a muse: Janet Mason

stories of mothers daughters and grandmothers
learn how to submit is devoted to the sources of creativity. In doing so, it celebrates the creative connections of and between mothers and daughers.

Tea Leaves: a memoir of mothers and daughters by Janet Mason (Bella Books April 2012) is now available -- click here for more info

“There is something here for everyone who has ever loved someone else or plans to. I highly recommend “Tea Leaves” just because it is so real and so beautifully written.”–Reviews by Amos Lassen

check out Janet Mason's author blog

read Janet Mason's latest piece in The Huffington Post --Chick-fil-A: What Would Gandhi Do If He Were Gay?

I invite you to read the featured writer section of

The featured writer section offers a new writer each month who will share her or his story about a mother, daughter, grandmother or being one through poetry, essays, short fiction and photographs.

Writers are encouraged to submit poetry, essays, short fiction--or in a genre that crosses boundaries. If you would like to submit work, please keep to the 1,000 word limit. Shorter is better. If your work is accepted, you will then be invited to submit photographs--of yourself, a family photograph, or both. (The photos must be submitted electronically--JPGs are the preferred format. regrets that it cannot pay readings/appearancess.

When submitting work, make sure that you paste the document into your e-mail. (Poems can include line breaks but not indentations.) Attachments will not be opened or considered. Send your submissions to



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