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Tea Leaves: a memoir of mothers and daughters by Janet Mason (Bella Books April 2012) is now available -- click here for more info ('s) featured writer: Jim Cory


Jim Cory poet and fiction writer
“Jim Cory writes stories as well as poems and his work has appeared in many venues over the course of the last 35 years. His poems most recently appeared in the zine Elephant, out of New London, Connecticut., the on-line political journal and …like this, out of North Attleboro, Mass. He has published seven chapbooks of poems and been a recipient of fellowships from the Pennsylvania Arts Council and Yaddo. He lives in Center City, Philadelphia, and can be reached at”

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Revenge of the Callipygians


A wedgie is pulling someone’s human children undergarments
met de billen bloot associated with apes & humans while
sitting otherwise fur-covered
with the Zodiac cleavage on the exposure…

Some baboons and all gibbons own a
plaster replica of Donatello’s sculpture of David (see pantsing)
hauled over the top of the victim’s trousers
in long underwear situations in which red buttocks
are generally considered unsuitable

for ancient astrology. Many cultures may have a ‘hot’ spanking
or otherwise fur-covered  swimming trunks to be hauled over the top
to attract males replete with many popular synonyms
willfully exposing. People called frustration
deemed excessively puritanical or proper may be
termed the United Kingdom, a geographical mound

likened to an upside-down heart. Mainstream garments generally
cover completely. Willfully exposing one’s own
trousers to spanking becomes a safe
target for naked callosities of the non-voyeurist audience. Males
may have laterally onto the gluteal. Mooning
is ubiquitous and no coincidence. Many comedians rely on
the buttocks to spank in American English.

In American English
the buttocks are rarely shown naked and are generally considered
derriere. Ornamental body markings may be described
as “firing his ass.” An incompetent or ignorant person is sometimes called
the United Kingdom, a mass-mooning of modern cultures
or any source of frustration. The singular
is rarely used. Certain physical dispositions of an
annoying person hinder the heinie. There are many colloquial terms, including:

                        1) analogous
2) water line
3) actually
4) discreet
5) nautical


                                                                                    and in front of the rudder
ornamental body markings haul ass. Hind-quarters
are nautical spanking jargon above the water line analogous
actually to discreet derriere. Such appealing shapeliness
is shown in the famous George Seurat painting, Fat Bottomed
Girls. It is no coincidence that the English verb

to spank, indicates the Hottentot Venus. Emphasis on one part or another
of the body tends to shift with hygiene. The voluptuously bouncing
anus in nautical jargon situated for
fun. Tailbone blush.

























meticulous (or) application interval: up to 2,000 in her lifetime



chewing lice thrive in dark, shady areas like
226 S. 20th St. Philadelphia PA

do not be alarmed if you notice
hot water

your yard can have adverse reactions
just from coming into contact with vacuuming



must bite to ingest




our goals are to

                        (1) lay 40-50 eggs a day
(2) carry tapeworms
(3) make cocoons called pupae
(4) kill through dessication
(5) reinfest your home



lactating queens ingest feces during grooming
then mature into your veterinarian




attach bagless vacuum cleaner to host


wash off veterinarian


have your cat professionally steam-cleaned


kills 90% of pets in the household



(a) larvae and pupae often hide
so that your vacuum cannot hatch

(b) just because you can’t see lactating queens
doesn’t mean they’re not HIGHLY TOXIC

(c) laundry can remain dormant in the environment
for as long as six months

(d) adults inside your vacuum
may require year-round muscle tremors

(e) bite pupae
to emerge from their vibrations

(f) ingest the product before
egg production is initiated

 (g) active ingredient excreted
under the supervision of your veterinarian

h) eggs listed below in alphabetical order
prevent your pet’s skin

(i) vomiting guaranteed
to work by the manufacturer











author books poetry about audio/ site map submit Tea Leaves: mothers & daughters links/contact readings/appearances


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