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Alexandra Grilikhes --
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"Everything works and works beautifully and [Hitching To Nirvana] is more than just a read; it is an experience."
-- Amos Lassen (Schlepping through the Best Books and Movies)

Poet, novelist, and teacher Alexandra Grilkihes died in February of 2003. Alexandra taught poetry at the University of the Arts in Philadelphia and was the readings/appearances of a novel, Yin Fire, published in 2001 from Alice St. Editions. She also was the readings/appearances of nine small press collections of poetry, including The Reveries (from Insight To Riot Press), from which the following two poems are excerpted. For information on ordering The Reveries, contact


Mistress Of The Animals

You will know her presence
in the half-light
fathoming her power
you cannot see her

in the howl of animals
who make the quick
slide through the grass,
her power in their blood
noisily beating
and echoing in the flesh of the hunter
attempting to silence his
pounding breath, Mistress
of animals be
kind, give

succor in the dark
be sun in the












Our Lady, Solitude

was it moments like these
that made you think of her? Hunger.

elegant she is. no one knows her

name her face is seen through
mirrors an unknown
named her, her architecture a
passageway, but, too,

she is hail
maddening your face

known her forever I
have only just discovered
she is a great fruit
to eat inthe midst of
noise, passage,
the threat of being totally dis



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